Nourishing Cities: Los Angeles Edition

Photo of downtown Los Angeles with palm trees in the foreground

Following the City That Never Sleeps (New York of course!), we bring you to the City of Angels - Los Angeles - for some of our favorite spots to chill out and relax in Southern California ☀️.

1. The Huntington 🍃 - This collections-based research and educational institution is located near Pasadena, about twelve miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles. It comprises libraries, art collections, architectural buildings and even botanical gardens!

*Moonlit Tip: We recommend the botanical gardens for a relaxing, casual stroll. Spanning across approximately 120 acres, it contains more than a dozen garden areas, including Chinese, Japanese, and desert gardens 🌵. Relax and enjoy the greenery away from the hustle and bustle of the city while contributing to a great cause that brings peace to the community.

Japanese Gardens at The Huntington

The Huntington

2. The Getty Center 🎨 - Experience art and architecture at the top of Los Angeles. The Getty houses a large collection of art, ranging from Greek, Roman, European and even present day international photography. Admission is free of charge! Simply get lost in the art, enjoy the gardens, or sit outdoors and savor the blue skies and sunshine that SoCal (usually) has to offer ☀️.

*Moonlit Tip: We love the art classes offered here such as the “Drawing From the Masters” program. This is a free program held on every first and third Sundays of the month, accepting all experience levels. Bring a sketchpad and register at the information desk for a mindful afternoon of sketching.

Bird eye view of The Getty Center in Los Angeles

The Getty Center

3. Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens 🙏 - This sanctuary is a spiritual center in Los Angeles where you can walk through the labyrinth, spend time in the meditation garden, or take a workshop or class. The marble labyrinth is a great way to experience peace and relaxation. Labyrinths are tools used for walking or tracing, to assist the consciousness. Guidance is available on how to do your own labyrinth walk.

The meditation garden here is also the perfect place to wander peacefully or sit quietly. Reflect, meditate, and restore yourself amidst bamboo, fountains, flowering trees, and lily ponds 🌼. With as many as sixteen water fountains tucked away, clear your mind and rest at ease to the sound of running water. 

Woman in a black dress standing in the middle of the Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens

Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens

4. The Dog Cafe 🐶 - This one is for all you dog lovers out there! The Dog Cafe is not any regular pet cafe; this cafe houses dogs that are up for adoption until they find new homes. Although no food is served at the cafe, beverages are available for your enjoyment as you spend time with some furry friends. The founder of this cafe wanted to reinvent the way we connect with homeless dogs and provide a second chance for shelter dogs which are often overlooked 💕.

The Dog Cafe allows a chance for dogs previously at risk for euthanasia to socialize with both dogs and humans alike and find a new home in a low-stress environment. You can make a reservation and find a full list of available dogs for adoption on the cafe’s website.

Couple sitting at a table playing with dogs at The Dog Cafe in Los Angeles

The Dog Cafe

5. Made With Love Wellness 🥝 - At Made With Love Wellness, you can be rest assured that your bottle of juice or milk is chock-full of nutrients without any unwanted additives as the recipes were created by the founder herself in her battle against food-related health issues. Located in Culver City, this juicery is coupled with a wellness center where cryotherapy is available. Pop by and enjoy a juice, milk, milkshake, or even some (wellness) shots! ✨

Picture of a Made With Love Wellness bottle with the ingredients of the juice shooting out of the mouth of the bottle

Made With Love Wellness

6. Yoga Bliss - You’ll rarely walk down a street in LA without seeing someone in yoga pants. Love Yoga is a yoga studio centered on participation and well-being. Walk out of a class feeling transformed at this cozy studio 🔥.

*Moonlit Tip: Free meditations are offered on Sundays. Their monthly restorative yoga sessions are the perfect way to wind down for the week AND they hold monthly wine and chat hours- a relaxing, stress-free way to meet new friends! And a biggie in LA - free parking in the back!

Yoga class at Yoga Bliss in Los Angeles

Yoga Bliss