Our Moonlit Mantras

 A good night’s rest fuels happiness and health

WE BELIEVE in the power of a good nap ⭐

 WE BELIEVE that we can help you relax in this crazy, reactive world 🌀

WE INVEST in rest.

WE BELIEVE in the rejuvenating effects of a three-day weekend.

WE BELIEVE in the goodness of "thank you," smiles, and silliness.

WE BELIEVE in visiting Bali at least once in your life 🌿

WE BELIEVE that non-toxic beauty will be the new standard across the board.

WE BELIEVE that sleep should be a time to look forward to every single night.

WE BELIEVE in calling your mother back (Yes, do it now..)📱

WE MOVE our bodies. It's a gift to jump around, feel powerful, and play.

WE BELIEVE in respecting this beautiful earth and all the good it provides 🌎

WE BELIEVE in self-care. Treat yourself. Take care of yourself 🌙

xx The Moonlit Team

Our Moonlit Commitment


Dedicated to night-time skincare and sleep wellness, we are passionate about creating a more welcome sleep space.


We ethically and sustainably create our formulas in Bali and the US. Our natural products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, PEGs, and synthetic fragrances.


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