7 Ways to Wind Down your Restless Mind

Collage of relaxing images

1. 🍌 Wind down with some Banana + Cinnamon Tea: 

  1. Boil a small pot of water.
  2. Grab a whole organic banana and give it a quick rinse.
  3. Cut off the two ends and pop it into the water.
  4. Let it boil for 10 min. 
  5. Pour that magnesium and potassium-rich water through a colander and into a mug. ☕  
  6. Sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy
  7. Drink one hour before bed. 

2. 🛀  Take a warm, relaxing bath...

Sure, baths are super relaxing but the real magic happens when you exit the tub. Your body temperature rapidly decreases, causing your heart rate to also slow down and cause sleepiness. ⭐ Bonus points if you can keep your phone outside of the bathroom. Opt for a magazine or book instead.

3.🌧️  Need background noise to lull you to sleep while you wind down? ☔

We keep Rainymood (also available as an app) on standby while we apply our facial oil before bed.

Here's the low-down: During sleep in a quiet night, any random noise, whether a passing car or a creaking floorboard, is likely to activate the restless brain, waking you up. Constant white noise gives the brain a signal that dampens its own internal systems.⭐ 
Students also love it for focus while writing their papers. If want to up the moodiness, they even have the option to couple it with Lana Del Rey.

4. 👀 Give your eyeballs a break! Download f.lux 

It automatically adjusts the blue light on your computer screen according to the time so your eyes aren't constantly straining. 💻  (We will leave it on our work computers during the day as well.)

5. 📴 Keep your phone out of the bedroom.

If anything, it will make you so conscious of how often you reach over for your phone while you try to sleep (If you live in a studio apartment, put your phone on mute and stick it in your bathroom drawer.) 

If you're nervous about switching over to an analog clock, try this "no phone in bedroom experiment" on a night that doesn't demand a strict wake-up time (ie: Saturday, Sunday). Couple this with a sleeping mask to block our distracting lights and get ready to snooze. 🌙

Remember: It's just 1 night. If you can do 3, amazing. If it turns into 7, you'll see how incredible it is to sleep without a screen and wake up without a screen.

6. Schedule 'Do Not Disturb' Mode for your wind-down/sleeping hours. We have it currently activated for 9:30PM and have it end at 7AM 📵

7. 🎙️ Alright, we saved the last one for the hardcore insomniacs with racing minds. The Sleep With Me Podcast is no joke.

Every episode, you listen to a soothing bedtime story for grownups. You will absolutely nod off to sleep because good heavens, it is boring. They know what they're doing as this podcast is constantly on iTunes Top 50.