Red Eye Skincare Essentials with @CBQUALITY

Claire Fountain is, TrillYoga Founder, yoga teacher, celebrity trainer, Wilhelmina model, New Yorker, writer, and friend. Always a jet-setter (in fact, right now she's in Africa!), Claire chatted with us last week about her skincare in-flight essentials, tips, and tricks. 
Claire Fountain dressed in yoga attire and shades
Being no stranger to international flights, as well as cross-country red eyes, I take my in-flight skin care seriously. Almost as bad as delays, is the feeling of dirty, clogged, and dry skin. We’ve all been there and it’s not fun. 
Though I’m not there to do the most inflight (it’s actually very simple,) I do have a few essential steps that ensure my skin is taken the best care of while flying. Flying in itself can be tough on skin. Missing out on sleep, airplane cabin air and the dehydrating effects of flying all signal your skin is gonna need some extra TLC.
Collage of Midnight Shift facial oil, 'brb' silk sleeping eye mask, cocoa butter lip balm, Amore Pacific face spray
Here is what’s in my toilettée kit for almost all flights, but mostly for those that are overnight or greater than five hours (I’ll also mention how to manage those 12-16 hour flights.) No matter how long you might be in the sky, here is how to make the most of your airtime and what I always pack.
Get bare / Once I’m in the air, everything gets a wipe down. Make sure your hands are clean and use your face wipes to remove makeup or just cleanse the skin from the day. I don’t fly in makeup, but you never know when you might have to catch a flight in your daily face. Either way, it’s a good idea to cleanse the face this way as step 
Repair and lube up / This is when I toss on any oils (or serums, and I top off oils with a cold cream.) In-flight skin needs all the help it can get. And oils are the way to go. Toss on your Midnight Shift Overnight Oil now. The lavender will also help you relax in the midst of strangers and sometimes stressful travel plans. 
Don’t forget eyes + lips + hands / This is also when I put in eye drops, slather on lip balm, and rub my hands in a rich hand lotion. Notice a hydration theme here? No body part left behind, dehydration will not get me. 
Keep water flowing / Flying is dehydrating, and your skin can suffer just as quickly. Make sure you’re drinking enough bottled water (never drink the water on planes, that goes for the coffee and tea they make on planes as well.) You can also get a face mist that is primarily water to spray your face with while in-flight. Think Evian face spray or I prefer the Amore Pacific spray
No touching / Planes can be germy, and you’ll be touching lots of things. I try to keep my hands clean but most importantly, OFF my face during travel. 
Sleep right, no light / Lights are no good for trying to catch plane sleep. Pick a contoured silk eye mask that is easy on delicate eye areas (Moonlit has got you on this too!) 
Repeat to prepare for landing / Before you land, it’s always nice to do the wipe down + moisturize again. Depending on how long your flight is, you might want to repeat the wipe down + moisturize method after a long sleep as well. 
- Face wipes that can remove make-up, oil, and dirt
- Face oil such as Midnight Shift 
- Cold cream or fave face cream yes, I double up and put this over oils 
- Eye drops such as BLINK (avoid Visine) 
- Lip balm 
- Face spray 
- Hair ties + Bobby pins 
- Extra Credit: Eye patches to apply in flight for dark circles relief  
Safe travels! x Claire