Our Nourishing Nine: August Picks

Collage of supplements, sleeping masks, Indie Beauty Expo, Monica Ramos art

Each month, we share our Top 9 picks that we're finding joy in!

1. Indie Beauty Expo We're so excited to be exhibiting at IBE August 23rd (5pm-9pm) in New York City. Use code SHOPIBENY for 20% off tickets. We'll also be offering 15% off your purchase + giveaways during this event! This is a fabulous after-work event with cocktails, live DJ, and of course, shopping! We can't wait to see you there!

2. Breakfast at Tiffany's - The most iconic sleeping mask moment in cinema history...

3. Esther Perel's 'Where Should We Begin' Series Each episode of this riveting new podcast, “Where Should We Begin?,” is a recording of a real, unscripted consultation session with a real couple.

4. ANDI Bags Lightweight bags that seamlessly go from carry-all tote to backpack to compact square for storage. We love these for travel, meetings, the gym...

5. KAFE in Ubud, Bali Natural, organic, fresh vegetarian and vegan food. We are currently working on a Bali Travel Guide for Moonlit and KAFE remains at the top of the list. Stay tuned..

6. Swatches and Stethoscopes Blog Haley's in-depth posts on skincare/make-up are absolutely mesmerizing and detailed. Her sunscreen roundup is no joke. We also love her review on Midnight Shift

7. Monica Ramos Art Ethereal watercolors galore! Follow her on instagram for beautiful updates on your feed.

8. Trader Joe's Well Rested Tea - Chamomile, lemon grass, spearmint leaves, peppermint leaves.. absolute bliss while winding down at night.. Get it at the store for $3) 

9. Beauty Zzzz's from HUM Nutrition - Perfect for combating jetlag or when you just need a wind-down boost.