4 Benefits of Silk that will elevate your Beauty Sleep

You’ve probably already been told that using a silk pillowcase is a game changer for your skin and hair, but what exactly about silk makes it so much better than cotton? We love silk pillow cases, eye masks, basically anything made out of silk. This material not only makes skin feel good but is naturally associated with relaxation and luxury.

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What is Mulberry Silk?  

The best known silk is from Mulberry silkworms. They are domestic silkworms which are the main producers of the silk we use for our products at Moonlit. These silkworms are only fed Mulberry leaves which help create the finest silk on the market. Silk has been a precious commodity for centuries and it’s due to the lengthy process of producing it. Silk from mulberry silkworms is considered to be the most durable and luxurious.  

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What are the benefits of silk?

Benefit 1: Helps Prevent Skin Aging 

After all of this talk about what silk is, let's get into why everyone is loving silk. Silk is considered one of the most skin friendly fabrics. The nano-architecture of the material produces a low moisture rate and thus creates less friction on your skin. Less friction calls for less wrinkles and less skin irritation. The tightly woven natural particles allow for a smooth surface, perfect for skin. This is also perfect for your first layer of your face mask! Silk pillowcases have high benefits for side sleepers in regards to skin aging; however, anyone may unconsciously change positions during the night. Have you ever woken up from a nap with an imprint from your decorative pillows? A study shows that humans develop sleep wrinkles from distortion caused by pressure against a sleeping surface. While it could be hard to change the sleeping position you have slept in forever, switching out your cotton pillowcase for a silk one is an easy change that can lead to great skin benefits. 


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Benefit 2: Helps Prevent Hair Damage 

As mentioned above, silk produces a low moisture rate and creates less friction on your skin… AND hair! If you love putting your hair up in a ponytail you will have gone through the struggle of pulling out a couple strands of hair while taking out your hair tie. This problem can be remedied with a silk scrunchie. This alternative is not only stylish but also prevents hair breakage. Silk can help prevent frizziness, bedhead, and tangles in your hair when you wake up. Just imagine how easy it will be to do your hair in the morning. You can use those extra minutes to catch some more z’s. 

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Benefit 3: Improves your Sleep

A study shows that the physical properties of silk allow the natural material to diffuse and reflect light unlike other materials such as cotton. This creates a self-cooling affect which makes silk feel so good on your skin. Temperature is a huge factor in getting a good night’s sleep. The recommended temperature for sleep is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Another way to improve your sleeping experience is to get a sleeping eye mask that helps keep out light and helps to cool your eyes. 

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Benefit 4: Helps with Allergies

For one, silk has one of the lowest rates of moisture absorption compared to cotton and linen. Regular cotton pillowcases absorb moisture, dirt, and oils. While dermatologist Dr. Amy Weschler says that whatever is on your face will eventually end up on your pillow, the fabric of the pillowcase can play a large role in your skin’s health. Silk is considered to be one of the most hypoallergenic materials due to the natural safety shields against dust mites that silkworms weave in during production. 


There are many options on the market, but it’s important to be wary of products that try to pass off as silk and are really made of synthetic fabrics. At Moonlit we use 100% high grade mulberry silk in all of our silk products. These silk products will elevate your beauty sleep and will help the health of your skin in the long run.