Summer blush bundle of silk scrunchie trio set including small, medium, and large sizes with rose quartz facial roller tool on white background

Summer Blush Bundle: Silk Scrunchie Trio + Rose Quartz Facial Roller

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This summer, throw your hair in a bun with a silk scrunchie and indulge in some skincare pampering.


Our Rose Quartz Facial Roller massages away stress, relieves tension, and ensures your skin boosts its elastin.

Presented in a pink drawstring pouch, the Rose Quartz Facial Roller is made out of premium, high-quality 100% natural rose quartz that accompanies your nighttime skincare routine.

Increase absorption of oils, serums, and moisturizers, reduce dark circles and wrinkles, boost elastin and improve blood circulation and tighten your skin to give you a bright glow.

Blush Pink Silk Scrunchie Trio is crafted from Moonlit's signature Mulberry silk reduces breakages and dents caused by regular hair ties
• 100% silk (not polyester satin, which isn't as gentle on your hair)
• Each set includes small, medium, and large

Silk Care Instructions:

  • Use a mild soap or specially formulated silk shampoos
  • Quickly hand wash in cold water (you can bring it into shower with you)
  • Gently move the fabric during soaking from side to side
  • Do not wring dry
  • Handle wet silk with even greater care as it is very delicate