8 Reasons Why You Need a Silk Pillowcase (like, yesterday)

Ok ok so you've heard all the buzz about silk pillowcases but what benefits do they ACTUALLY offer besides looking super indulgent and shiny? We're listing 8 reasons why we're obsessed with them and why we'll never go back to cotton:  

Moonlit Cloud 9 Silk Pillowcase in Ivory White

  1. Battling with breakouts? Silk is naturally anti-microbial and doesn't harbor bacteria like cotton does. See the difference in a week..
  2. Eczema? Psoriasis? Hives? Acne? A silky surface around the neck and face area can help to reduce inflammation
  3. Side sleeper? Waking up with pillow lines on the side of your face? Over time, this can cause deep-set wrinkles and collagen breakdown. The silk material is soft and smooth so it doesn't cause the skin to crease or wrinkle. (btw the best way to get rid of those lines ASAP is to chug water and get hydrated)
  4. Cotton soaks everything up. Silk doesn't act like a sponge with oils, lotions, creams so rest assured your evening skincare routine actually stays ON throughout the night. Girl, you paid for those oils- your pillowcase doesn't need a surge of moisture- you do! 
  5. Bedhead alleviated: this material doesn't snag on your strands (plus it doesn't conduct static electricity, so say bye to frizziness and tangled hair). If you've got super long strands, then silk can help cut down on the daily AM hairbrush battle 
  6. As hair slips and glides on silk fabric, sebum production and greasy hair is kept at bay
  7. Want that blowout to last an extra couple of days? Because the material allows your strands to slip across instead of snagging on them, your 'do can last for an additional 2 days
  8. And finally, a truly luxurious experience, a silk pillowcase can create a welcome space for sleep. Treat it will TLC and it will love you back! 

    Moonlit's Cloud 9 Silk Pillowcases ($60 + complimentary shipping) are 100% Mulberry 19mm silk and comes with a free silk travel pouch. We've got Night-Sky Navy and Ivory White, available in Standard Size and King. Happy dreaming xx