What's in my Beauty Cabinet: Summer Edition; Stephy

We love seeing what people are using in their everyday beauty routines, so we are starting a summer series where we showcase what our team at Moonlit Skincare has in their summer beauty cabinet. Starting off the series is our co-founder Stephy! 

Badger Sunscreen SPF 30+
I always wear sunscreen, no matter the weather conditions. I'm a fan of paying a lot of attention to eyelids and lips since they're so delicate and often overlooked during application.
Any color change in your skin (whether it's red or tan) is actually skin damage so if I'm spending time outdoors, I reapply every hour and a half. I particularly enjoy Badger's Clear Line because then I don't have a filmy white cast.
Badger Face Stick Sunscreen with white background
New skin resurfaces about every 40 days so I like to accelerate that timeline with Moonlit's Rose Quartz Facial Roller. It pushes blood to the surface, encouraging cell growth, massaging Midnight Shift Facial Oil into my pores, and all that jazz but I find massaging my lower jaw and the area below my ears so relaxing. 
I suffer from bruxism (teeth-grinding when sleeping) so it's a big tension-reliever to massage that area with the smaller end of the roller. 
Moonlit Skincare Rose Quartz Facial Roller
If you've ever had the opportunity to get scrubbed down at a Korea Spa/Sauna, you know this Korean Exfoliating Mitt is what they use to slough off all the dead skin on your body and face. It's a staple in Korean households. I keep mine in the shower because it's useful in getting all the sunscreen off and yes, it's signature color is that green. 
Korean green mitt scrub for skin
Sweet Dreams Balm is always my office desk because it's a true multi-tasker –great for chapped lips, dry cuticles, and most importantly right now, taming my flyaways when I have Zoom meetings. Otherwise, they poke up like antennas and are too distracting to me. 
Moonlit Skincare Sweet Dreams Balm
There's a lot of downsides with the pandemic so I'm counting the upsides. A small win was discovering how to DIY wax using these Avashine Strips. Booking and going to waxing appointments was always a chore to me so this was a big find. You can cut the strip down to the size you want and because there are 64, you can go to town.
Avashine Wax Strips
Reusable Moonlit Bamboo Cotton Rounds (coming June 2021) + Sleepy Spritzzz Toner
I'm obsessed with this duo especially during the summer. As someone with combination skin, the toner is dream because it's so balancing. 
It makes my dry areas (like around my nose and cheeks) more hydrated and soft, while it removes excess oil from the shinier area (forehead, chin). Heck yes to toners that dissolve dry skin, sweep away any lingering make-up, and provide a clean base to either put makeup on or start my nighttime skincare routine.
Super stoked to release these reusable cotton rounds because they're petal-soft and K and I use regular cotton rounds all the time. Each pack is going to come with 10 and a washable mesh bag. 
Moonlit Skincare Reusable Cotton Rounds
Moonlit Skincare Sleepy Spritz
What's in my make-up bag:
For eyelashes like mine (fine hair, short), mascara can be challenging. I've used Loreal Telescopic Mascara for over a decade now and always come back to it because they lengthen and separate lashes with ease. At $10 a pop, you can't really get any better. This is probably my 20th+ repurchase. 
Loreal Telescopic Mascara
I'm not too much of a make-up gal but this Animal Crossing x Colourpop Bellionaire Glitter Gel is so fun. Kriszta and I went hard with the AC during the beginning of the pandemic and this collab is so fun. 
I'm predicting glitter, shimmer, and rainbows will be a big big make-up trend this summer because we all deserve the happy vibes.
Colourpop Glitter Eyeshadow
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