Treat Yourself and Your Skin at 10,000 Feet

Woman in a green jackert standing in front of an airport window looking out at the airplanes on the tarmac

We all know that long flights can be a pain. From leg cramps to sore necks, from exhaustion to dry skin, and not to mention the person next to you snoring loudly in your ear! With these helpful hints, you can make that flight a little more comfortable even if you’re stuck in a middle seat.

Dry Air

One of the biggest culprits of dry skin on airplanes is the air! The high altitude of the aircraft means lower moisture in the air, drying out your skin a ton. In order to combat the effects of this super dry air, it’s important to moisturize a lot before getting on the plane, and reapply during long flights. If you still suffer from extra dry skin while flying, here are a few things you can do to give yourself that extra hydration boost!

sheet mask air flight

Face Masks

Face masks can be a great way to get that crucial hydro-boost while you sit in your seat. Just pop on a sheet mask while you watch a movie or turn on your favorite music, close your eyes and just relax! Your skin will love the extra moisture that will help it stay soft and glowing despite the dry air.

Facial Sprays

Another way to get a little additional moisture is a hydrating facial spray. Look for one that contains oils as water cannot be absorbed directly through the skin. Plus, this can help you feel refreshed so you get off the plane revitalized. Just spritz on your face as necessary to keep your skin looking great all flight long!

Facial Oils

If you go makeup-free on flights, you can moisturize with an oil as needed to combat dryness. Moonlit’s Midnight Shift oil is perfect for this as it's packed with tons of hydrating oils and the lavender oil will help you relax and sleep on the plane. The best part is, it’s a TSA approved size, so you can carry it on-board with you!

Falling Asleep

It’s common knowledge that sleeping on an airplane sucks. Maybe your neighbor is snoring or leaning into you, maybe you have the middle seat and have nowhere to rest your head. These simple little tricks can help ease your seep discomfort and make your long flight a little more bearable.

Woman modeling matching silk pyjama and eye mask set

Ear Plugs

Make sure you pack a pair of earplugs in your carry-on to block out any distracting noises from passengers around you. Alternatively, you can always wear headphones with your favorite music playing. Once you can block out all the annoying sounds of those around you, falling asleep will be so much easier.

Eye Mask

Bringing an eye mask on the plane will allow you to sleep even when the lights are on or the sun is up. You’ll no longer be distracted by whatever movie the person in front of you is watching and you’ll be able to shut your eyes no matter the distractions. Moonlit’s Sleeping Eye Mask is great because the silk is super comfy and it's great at blocking out light. So just slip it on and get napping!

Woman sitting in the window seat on an airplane looking out the window

Packing for Travel

Once you know what you plan to bring on the flight, it’s important to keep those things accessible! Pack your skincare products in your small carry-on for easy access, just make sure your liquids are in a TSA approved container. Once on the plane, you won’t have to worry about getting into your bag in the overhead bin if all of your products are already with you in your seat. You and your skin will be ready for take-off and you can land well-rested and glowing!

787 interior dreamliner

The Plane

Yup, there are specific flights that are better for your skin and jetlag. The two planes that best relieve jet lag are the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner. These planes pump the highest pressure, which actually makes conditions on the plane feel more like those found on the ground – on earth. Plus, it's less dehydrating so you're still will say thank you.