The Ultimate Guide for a Girl's Night In

Not sure what to do for your next girl’s night? Instead of going out, stay in! Give yourself and your friends a night to recharge from all of life’s stressors by having a girl’s night in. Dedicate this time to nourish your energy and your friendship. Use our guide to prep your space and create a plan for a blissful night with your girls, or just for yourself.

Setting up the Space

How you set up the space can establish the tone for the evening. Take the time to prep the night’s environment to make sure it sets a mood for relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • Mood Lighting. Harsh lights can be distracting and bright, but you don’t want to navigate the night in darkness. So, grab some pink salt lamps or soy candles to get that soft, dim lighting.
  • Aromatherapy. Different scents can enhance the feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation, so consider setting up an oil diffuser to run throughout the night. A few scents for relaxation and stress relief are lavender and Ylang Ylang.
  • Soft and Fluffy. Blankets and pillows are a must and add to the snug vibes. The more, the cozier! Also, don’t forget to wear something comfy. Make sure you feel cozy and good.
  • Make a Playlist. There’s plenty of premade playlists and tunes, so starting from scratch is optional. Still, your background music can determine your ambiance. A Lo-Fi playlist can definitely set a mood but experiment till you find the right sound for your night.
Overview of white bed in warm lighting with plans and yellow accent pillows and blankets.
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Nightly Activities

Now that everything is set up, fill the night with activities to nourish and replenish. Here are some activities to rejuvenate your skin, physical health, and your friendship.

Face Steaming. Before doing any skincare, make sure your skin is prepped. Steaming your face opens up your pores which loosen build-up, releases trapped sebum, and can help your skin absorb skincare products. You can either steam over a bowl of hot water or pat your face with a damp, warm towel. Here’s a helpful step-by-step how-to! 

Woman holding towel above her as she steams her face above glass bowl with green vegetables.

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DIY Face Maks. Making your own face mask can be both a fun art project and a way to nourish your skin! You can opt to purchase store-made masks (like our Power Down Powder 😉), or you might already have a few ingredients for the perfect mask in your kitchen! For gentle exfoliation and anti-aging, try this Milk & Honey recipe. Or, for brightening and acne scarring, use this Tumeric & Lemon mask. There’s an abundance of DIY face mask recipes out there, but here’s a list that can help you get started!

Moonlit Skincare's Power Down Powder with the mask ingredients laying in front of the  container.

Moonlit Skincare's Power Down Powder

Face Rolling. To conclude your skincare routine, use our Rose Quartz Facial Roller Tool for a facial massage. Rolling helps with skin firming, draining toxins, relieve muscle tension, and so many other benefits. We wrote an article about the in-depth benefits and how to use a facial roller tool, which you can read here!

Paint Your Nails. A perfect way to prep yourselves for the upcoming week and a memento for the night! Listen and catch up with each other while you paint a few coats of your favorite shade. If you’re looking to add some nail art, you can find nail art stickers or try to recreate some designs with tools.

Hand with flowers all over to showcase nail art.

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Practice Yoga. Depending on the space and the number of attendees at your girl’s night, squeezing in an evening yoga session can give your body the chance to move and your mind to reflect. Your body is holding onto tension and stress in ways that you may not realize throughout the day. So, roll out your mat and stretch it out!

Room with personal home yoga set up that includes: purple yoga mat, brown yoga blocks, and blanket.

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Create a Space for Vulnerability. With busy schedules and the hectic happenings of life, we might forget to check in on our friends. It’s easy to catch up on the day-to-day events, but take a moment to hold space for vulnerability and check in with how your friends are feeling. A game to help break the ice, filled with valuable questions is We’re Not Really Strangers. Make sure you have tissues on hand because it can get deep!

Question in red text: "Who in your life can you be most vulnerable with?".

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Reach out to your friends and share this article with them to start planning for your next night in, or dedicate time for self-care. Use this article as a template and adjust according to the night’s needs! 🌙