The Benefits of Using a Humidifier While You Sleep

Hi there, my name is Grace and I am a college student at the University of Washington interning at Moonlit Skincare. Growing up,  I always remember my mom turning on a humidifier when I got sick. However, humidifiers have more added benefits than just for a cold or allergies. Have you ever experienced a change in your skin throughout the seasons? While it is more noticeable when traveling to different cities and climates, skin conditions vary between different temperatures and humidity levels which can either make your skin work easier or harder to maintain hydration. Whether it’s cold winter temperatures to dry hot summers, humidifiers can be your secret weapon for your skin in any season.

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Cute Cactus Humidifier from  Etsy

Helps to keep your skin hydrated 

I used to be a victim of dry, irritated skin that burned when I put moisturizer on my face. Through further skin education from Tik Tok ( follow our account @moonlitskincare), I learned that my moisture barrier was compromised. This occurs when the outermost layer of skin becomes damaged from lifestyle changes such as not drinking enough water, drinking too much caffeine, and even not getting enough sleep. Keeping this barrier intact is crucial for healing wounds, especially acne. Humidity levels at about 30% and 50% can help with skin moisture. According to a study from the National Library of Medicine, “mist is expected to improve facial moisture levels in winter by penetrating and remaining in the SC (facial stratum corneum). Hence, mist could be used to help prevent facial skin from becoming dry in air-conditioned rooms during winter.” While humidifiers are mostly associated with dry and cold winters, increasing humidity in dry air-conditioned rooms during summer can also help keep your skin barrier protected and overall keep your skin hydrated. 

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Helps make hydrating products more effective

After incorporating a humidifier into my sleep routine, I said bye to dry skin and hello to glowy dewy skin. Just from using my normal skincare products while sleeping with a humidifier on, I woke up with my skin feeling plump and hydrated. A sharp contrast from my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable upon waking up. Humidifiers are effective at preventing skin moisture loss because when there is less moisture present, the air can sometimes draw moisture through your skin. Therefore, it will help boost the effectiveness of humectants that work to keep moisture in your skin. Try out our Midnight Shift Night Oil to help moisturize and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. 

Moonlit Skincare Midnight Shift

Midnight Shift Night Oil


Helps with viruses, colds, and allergies

As mentioned earlier in the blog post, humidifiers are known to help with colds and allergies. This makes it more relevant to invest in one. According to the mayo clinic, humidifiers work to prevent viruses, colds, and allergies by adding moisture to the air which helps to relieve congestion. Helping to relieve congestion leads to more restful sleep which helps recovery from illnesses. Check out our blog post about why getting enough sleep is crucial to your overall health: 5 Reasons You Need to Get More Sleep Tonight!

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Humidifiers have many benefits but it’s crucial to clean them regularly to avoid any health problems that can be caused by a dirty humidifier. Some easy cleaning methods include rinsing the reservoir and letting it dry thoroughly or using a natural disinfectant such as vinegar to get rid of hard water stains. While just using a humidifier will not drastically increase your skin’s moisture, pairing it with products that work with your skin can help you achieve glowy dewy skin that we are loving in 2021-- check out our blog post about why healthy glowy skin is one of the major beauty trends of this year.