Rose Quartz Rollers for Skin Rejuvenation and Self-Care

Skincare is all about self-love! Dedicating time to take care of your skin is one of the best ways to reward yourself. If you’re looking to add even more love and compassion to your routine, incorporate our 100% Rose Quartz Facial Roller Tool

Considered to be a stone of love, rose quartz is believed to attract and support unconditional love. But besides opening up your heart chakra, using a roller tool has its skincare benefits too. Continue reading for an in-depth look at the skincare benefits of the roller and a guide on how to use them!

Hand holding a palm-sized rose quartz stone in front of white wall background.

Image via Ashley Neese

Why are Rose Quartz Rollers so amazing for our skin? 

  • Firms skin, and makes it glow! Rolling is like giving your skin a workout. By stimulating blood circulation, it helps maintain skin elasticity and skin brightness.
  • Helps with puffiness and draining toxins. The lymphatic system plays a key role in our immune system by clearing out toxins. Rolling helps stimulate drainage, in turn decreasing puffiness (getting rid of under-eye bags!) and drains toxins daily.
  • Relieves muscle tension. We may not realize it, but our face muscles are constantly holding tension. Rolling can help give some relief. Additionally, massaging your jaw can help prevent teeth grinding during sleep!
  • Cooling and soothing. Cooling your skin can further decrease puffiness and tighten pores. Rose quartz is especially effective for retaining its temperature! So, stick it in the fridge for a quick minute before use for maximum effect.
  • Distributes skincare products deeper. Rolling supports your skincare products by allowing the product to penetrate your skin more deeply and evenly.

Moonlit Skincare's Rose Quartz Facial Roller Tool on purple silk background.

Now that you know the skincare benefits, use this guide to start rolling!

You can start at your neck, cheeks, eyes, or wherever you want but here is how you can effectively roll each area:

  • Before you begin, apply the Midnight shift Overnight Facial Oil (or any facial oil/moisturizer) to prep your skin. Always lubricate your skin prior to rolling to avoid pulling or tugging at your skin, which can contribute to wrinkles.
  • For forehead, roll upward starting at your brow bone to your hairline. 
  • For eyes, use the smaller roller to massage the area around your eye. You can close your eyes and roll from the corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow as well.
  • For cheeks and chin, start at the base of your nose and move outwards. Continue to massage upwards to promote facial lifting.
  • For the neck, start at the top of your collarbone and roll up to your jaw. 

Roll for 5-10 minutes every day during your skincare routine to receive those benefits mentioned earlier and to go over each section three times!

Diagram of how to use a facial roller tool using arrows on a cartoon face indicating directions to roll.

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Maintenance and clean up is easy!

It’s recommended that you wipe your facial roller with a soft towel or damp cloth after each use. For a deeper clean you can use a gentle soap or cleanser, but avoid soaking it or wiping it with hot water. Finally, store it in your pouch for your next use!


Illustration with hands holding and hovering over rose quartz stone and the quote "BE PROTECTIVE WITH YOUR ENERGY".

Illustration via @sasa_elebea


So, if you’re looking to attract more self-love in your life or add a rejuvenating tool to your skincare or self-care routine, you can do both by rolling with our Rose Quartz Facial Roller. 💗