4 Superfoods to Help Your Skin Power Down 💚

Ever had a tub of clay mask dry out on you when you barely got through it? Or one that left your skin tight and dry afterwards? We’ve been there too. But worry no more - meet Power Down Powder - a long-lasting, gentle, powdered mask that’s perfect for the summer months ☀️ (but also great all-year round!).

The ingredients for this mask were carefully chosen to cater to the needs of even the most sensitive skin, making this mask suitable for all skin types. We removed all the liquids from these fresh ingredients to produce a preservative-free, dry powder that allows you to make a fresh mask whenever you’d like. Simply pour, add your liquid of choice, and mix! ✨

Power Down Powder front view

Read on to find out more about the benefits of this mask broken down into its individual ingredients.

Scooping moringa leaf powder and moringa leaves


🌿 Crushed moringa leaf 🌿

Meet the new superfood we’re crushing (ha! Pun intended) on and have adopted as a superfood for the skin. Moringa leaves have been a staple in Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years for good reason. Another fun fact: they’re edible! 😋 A relative of kale and broccoli, moringa is an amazing addition to your dinner table for a boost of vitamin C, protein and potassium. Besides enticing your palate with a peppery zing, these tiny leaves also aid in the maintenance of healthy skin. Antioxidants combat free radicals to help fight skin aging, whilst Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help retain the skin’s moisture. Vitamins A, B, C help add a natural glow to your complexion💁🏻 ✨ ✨

Muddy hands in clay

Karen Maes

⚪ White kaolin clay ⚪

We’ve all heard of clay masks, but did you know that not all clay is created equal? One of the most widely known ones is kaolin clay - a popular type of cosmetic clay commonly used for the skin but also for hair and body. It even comes in several different colors! 🌈 We decided to use white kaolin clay because it is the most gentle of the bunch, making it suitable for easily irritable skin. But don’t underestimate this snow white powder! It’s more potent than it looks and is equally effective in decongesting pores, reducing shine, and absorbing excess oil and debris as its fellow cousins. We love how it doesn’t overly dry the skin but still helps fight acne. With its fine texture and mild nature, white kaolin clay makes Power Down Powder suitable for even the most sensitive skin that tend to find clay masks too strong and overpowering.

Cross sections of juicy sliced aloe vera

🌵 Aloe vera powder 🌵

Aloe vera has long been revelled/revered for its mild yet powerful moisturizing 💦 properties. This fleshy succulent is well-loved in both the beauty community and the healthy living circle. Fresh aloe is amazing for treating burns and cooling the skin, but (sadly!) not all of us have access to an aloe vera plant (and even if you do, one plant has only so many leaves you can break). With the same moisturizing properties but none of the messy gooeyness and sliminess as the fresh version, aloe vera powder is the skincare enthusiasts dream.

We added aloe vera powder to this mask to improve its hydrating properties and prevent it from being excessively drying. Besides that, the healing properties of aloe vera make it a perfect addition to accelerate the recovery process of blemishes, enabling this powder to double as a spot treatment. It does this by stimulating collagen and elastin production, promoting renewed skin that is soft and smooth. Soothe acne-prone skin and painful blemishes with this anti-inflammatory and cooling botanical for a restful night. 💤

Many raw green cucumbers with skin intact

🥒 Dried cucumber peel powder 🥒

Cucumbers are not just for your eyes! 👀 Stay cool as a cucumber with dried cucumber peel powder. We’re a huge advocate of the zero waste movement, hence the idea to utilize the peel of this water-rich veggetable to make sure nothing gets wasted. Not to worry, this powder isn’t just a filler ingredient - it was chosen for the many skincare benefits it brings.

Cucumber peel powder cools and soothes the skin, reducing any redness and irritation. 💧 It is also full of antioxidants and vitamins A and E, aiding in preventing premature aging by protecting against free radical damage. Skin renewal is also sped up by this mighty ingredient as it is a natural source of silica, which is essential for strong cell growth and repair. 💪🏻

We’ve all come across products that promise to tighten and reduce the size of your pores. However, did you know that pores actually cannot be tightened? Pores do not have surrounding muscles, so they cannot periodically switch sizes and will instead remain bigger once enlarged. What can be done however, is to change how the pores look. Cucumber peel powder does precisely this, due to its astringent properties. Coupled with the other ingredients like kaolin clay, Power Down Powder is perfect for reducing the appearance of pores as it helps degunk them to prevent further enlarging, and treats them to make them appear smaller.