Our Nourishing Nine: September Picks

Collage of Element Candles, Good Day Chocolates, Kala Style Soap and other favorites

1. That Eclipse! 🔭 What a cosmic way to bring strangers together. We truly are one on this planet and more alike than different.. 🌑

2. Kala Style Soap - "Adorable packaging, bold messaging, and high-quality products." We love the Sea Salt Soap the most- with an affordable price tag of $7, you can pep up any sink.

3. 🍫 Good Day Chocolates 1mg of melatonin in every bite! Delicious and perfect for winding down (and satisfying your sweet tooth). 

4. Element Candles We were gifted these amazing candles when we were at Indie Beauty Expo and we can't get enough. Beautiful scents and simple designs for cozying up your sleep space this fall. 🍂 

5. 306090 Fitness Best workout EVER. Kristi Molinaro's seriously addictive class has infectious energy and even though you'll be cursing your whole way through the 45-minute session, you'll be back the next week. Classes are offered at Equinox gyms but there are pop-ups held all throughout the yea. Word is that they're opening up a full-fledged studio in Union Square NYC in September! 🙌  (Image credit to Anthony Cunanan)

6. Tea Leaves and Tweed Blog Elizabeth's blog on beauty, life, and tea (of course!) is lovely to browse through on a Sunday morning.☕  Her most recent post on meditation is reflective and inspiring. Check out her thoughts on Midnight Shift as well (not sponsored, just a lot of love!). 

7. @LA_FEE_DE_FLEUR Hailing from Japan, her photographs of delicate flower arrangements are sure to brighten your day (and make you crave a cappuccino) Follow her on instagram for delightful updates on your feed.

8. Chrissy Teigen's Bali Detox Story- Mrs. Legend shared "We had the most beautiful, wonderful time in Bali. My body and mind have never felt so clear. Thank you for getting me to move again (first time since I was 8 months pregnant and Luna is ummmm 15 months old) and giving me some much-needed body and nutrition schooling!"🍃  Moonlit formulas come from Bali, bringing that special rejuvenation intention to your everyday nighttime routine. 

9. Breather - Get quiet and get centered in your workspace. Find your oasis by booking online or through the app. Pay by the hour or pay by the day. We love how it's super flexible to your schedule. Think airbnb meets wework meets your favorite yoga studio...👍