Our Nourishing Nine: June Picks

Watermelon, pepitas, bralettes, sunscreen, silk pillowcase for June favorites

Each month, we share our Top 9 picks that we're finding joy in and nourishing our weeks with. 

1. Sunhat It's not even July and one of our friends (shout-out to Gina) has already gotten sun poisoning (yes, this is a thing). This brim-only style prevents overheating and doesn't mess up hair.

2. Cloud 9 Silk Pillowcase- Cool to the touch because the last thing you need while you sleep this summer is to be tossing and turning.

3. Watermelon Pop one in fridge overnight and then enjoy all the fresh slices you desire- they're basically internal AC. 

4. SPF This one by Anessa (owned by Shiseido) is light-weight and make-up looks great over it.

5. DEN Meditation We love going to these restorative workshops that end at 9:30PM so we can head straight to bed in a blissful state.

6. Poems by @zackgreywrites Treat your mind to small, concise poems by following him on IG. They're thoughtful and brighten up our day. 

7. Decadent lavender chocolate If you're craving a small pre-bed-time snack, try out these beautiful organic chocolates. 

8. Pepitas - Containing large amounts of magnesium, the most powerful relaxation mineral, we keep a pack on our desks for an SOS-snack. 

9. Easy Breezy Bras - Soft, comfortable bras from EastnWest for layering under summer tanks and dresses.