Nourishing Cities: New York Edition

New York - Ah, the City that Never Sleeps... We're showcasing 3 of our favorite chill out spots in the city that promote rest and relaxation.
1. Chillhouse (Lower East Side) - Here, you can treat yourself to a tea, a manicure, and a massage. The ideal autumn spot to indulge in some self-care and quality time with yourself.
Interior of Chillhouse New York City


2. Yogamaya (Chelsea) - This is the real deal when it comes to escaping from the hectic city. We specifically recommend their Restorative Workshop (offered once a month) that highlights positions that encourage sleep. Cool dark room, bolsters, blankets, and blocks, get ready to wipe your mind and take a breather. Guaranteed zzzs after this workshop.

Woman lying on pillows on the groundYogamaya

3. Leesa Dream Gallery (Soho) - The world’s first combined art gallery and mattress store. Experience the "dangerously comfortable" Leesa mattress & discover the beautiful artwork of homeless, formerly homeless and disabled artists.
Leesa Sleep Gallery
Leesa Dream Gallery