In Bed With... Kasey Dreier

Moonlit's In Bed With... Series is a collection of intimate interviews with tastemakers, core-shakers, and the people we love. We explore what keeps them up at night, in addition to their sleep secrets.  
This month we have the incredible Kasey Dreier, yoga instructor, life coach, and all around bad-ass. Heck, we even picked up a few sleep tips from her! Simply being in the same room with her gives you a jolt of energy you never knew you needed. Based in Los Angeles, she conducts self-care workshops and bootcamps for burnt-out founders. 
 Portrait of Kasey Dreier in red floral blouse
Hi Kasey! Thanks so much for your time! Tell us what led you to launch this initiative to help out burnt-out boss babes:
I'm a fiercely competitive Aries, rising Taurus, and Pisces moon. That means I’m incredibly stubborn, fiery, and have a propensity to accomplish really big, difficult projects with inspiring enthusiasm. It also means that I have a bleeding heart and struggle with establishing boundaries.

Which makes sense because by the time I was 29 I was earning six-figures as an executive at a Fortune 500 company. I had two Stanford engineering degrees, a professional engineering license and had successfully launched the rebrand of a 26,000 person company across 50 countries.


I was "living the dream." And I was M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E.

One day, sitting in my therapist's office, balling my eyes out, I choked out the words, "When will I ever feel like enough?"
It was at that moment I decided that if this was "living the dream," I desperately needed a better dream.
So I quit my fancy job with no backup plan.
I spent the next several years investing hundreds of thousands of dollars of my net worth into yoga teacher trainings, meditation classes, career coaching, health cleanses, facials, massages, traveling and trying to start three separate businesses.

Only to discover that the feeling of "being enough" wasn't a destination or something I could buy.

It was a very difficult, very important inside job. So I cut the bullshit and put the right, sustainable self-care strategy in place.
And guess what?! I learned how to channel my boundless energy into taking care of myself instead of everyone else. Which, incidentally, has given me abundant energy and motivation to take care of people more effectively and compassionately. I experience contentment daily. I know my worth, and I own it.
Kasey Dreier sitting on brown couch writing in journal
I created Kasey Dreier because I’m not the only boss babe who struggles with exhaustion, boundaries, self-worth, and well-being. The world finally has women starting to play crucial roles in our economy, politics, and society. We cannot afford to have them burnout!

That’s why I’ve built a business that coaches women on how to disrupt, heal, and prevent burnout with a simple self-care strategy. I’m on a mission to empower badass, inspiring women to make their well-being (especially sleep!) their most important To-Do item. That way they can continue to do their badass, inspiring work in this world.

Last year I read Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington. It was a huge wake-up call (pun intended). Sleep is absolutely crucial to our well-being and ability to show up as our most inspiring, badass selves.
And before last year, it was quite literally, the last thing on my priority list. If I had to much on my to-do list, which was every single day, I would just go to sleep late or wake up early.
I had no boundaries, whatsoever around when I went to sleep and when I woke up. I decided that was no longer acceptable.

Sleep had to become a priority and I needed to change my behaviors around bedtime, not to mention start saying “No” to all of those activities that were infringing on my beauty sleep.

I gave myself a bedtime (10:00 pm) and built a bedtime ritual to help me wind down and incentivize me to invest in this new sleep habit.
First thing I did was buy an alarm clock. It took me about a week of successfully using the alarm clock to stop being afraid that it wouldn’t work and I’d miss an important meeting. Once I got over that hurdle, I started plugging my phone in downstairs.  I call it “putting my phone to sleep.” It’s the first step in my bedtime ritual.
Next thing I do is go to my room and put two drops each of doTerra Lavender and Peppermint oil into my diffuser and turn it on. Once it’s on, I take a nice deep, enjoyable breath and begin to mentally and physically undress the day.
I change into my nighties, take out my contacts, brush my teeth, and wash my face. I love washing my face because I do a couple of special things that feel like a treat. First, I take delicious deep breaths in and out of my nose. I try to make my exhales noticeably longer than my inhales. That’s a yoga technique that helps me calm down.

Second, instead of vigorously washing my face like we see in face wash commercials, I slowly massage the cleanser into my face. I touch my face like it’s my best, prettiest friend! It makes me feel loved.

The second to last step is my gratitude beads. I grab my Mala beads and hold each bead between my fingers as I say 108 things I’m grateful for that day. Yes, there are at least 108 things to be grateful for every day, and I say them aloud!
Last, but not least, after I get into bed and under the covers, I cuddle my dog Tucker. I pet him with my left hand and he licks the leftover lotion (from washing my face) off my right hand. Next thing I know, I’m asleep!
Kasey Dreier smiling while in lotus pose
I actually get really bad sleep when I travel. So my favorite place to wake up is in my own bed on a Sunday morning.
But the best place that I appreciated waking up to was Stinson Beach up in Northern California. My parents rented a house there for Thanksgiving 2016. Each morning I woke up and took my dog Tucker for a walk along the beach. Then I got to hangout with my family (whom I adore) with an incredible view!
Sleeping in a bed that isn’t my own. It’s actually a reason that I significantly cut down on work trips and travel over the past three years. I love seeing new places, but between travel time, jet-lag, and not being in my own bed, traveling drains me more than it restores me.

In fact, I’ve started doing smaller, local vacations, more frequently and have loved it. It fills me up; honors my energy; and leaves room in my budget to build my business!

Three things:
1. Drinking lots of water.
2. Working 1-on-1 with my clients - it is life giving!
3. Working out
    Read Arianna Huffington’s, Sleep Revolution
    Invest in an alarm clock, diffuser, and lavender/peppermint oil.
    To make it super simple for you, I created a Kasey Dreier Bedtime Amazon List! (If you want to make a more significant investment in your essential oil game, I highly recommend doTerra Home Essentials Kit).

    Leave your phone out of the bedroom. I know that’s tough. I also know it’s worth it.

    Great things, which is why my sleep is my number one priority! I’ve launched my Self-care Bootcamp Program and am in the process of writing a book on my KISS-able Self-care Strategy. (KISS stands for Keep It Simple, Sister). If you want a sneak peek at the strategy sign up for my email list!
    Kasey Dreier sitting cross-legged on couch smiling
    I’ve spent my day utilizing my energy, enthusiasm, and talent to: empower women to take care of themselves AND tend to my own self-care.
    My ideal # of hours of sleep is: 8
    But in reality, I actually get: 8
    Sleep season for me is: YEAR ROUND!
    How many pillows: One! It’s a Purple pillow (but actually it’s white).
    AM or PM?: AM
    Nightcap?: Water
    Bad sleep habit: Scrolling Instagram right before bed
    Good sleep habit: Mala Beads Gratitude Prayer before bed
    Can't sleep with: My phone
    Side/back/stomach sleeper: Back
    Your Mantra: I’m a worthy, abundant love-catalyst. I perform as a sacred mirror. I shatter shame. (I literally chant this every morning during meditation).
    IG Community crushes: @DazeyLA, @Vegetaryn, @Tastefultatters, @SetIntentions, @Wolventhreads
    Head over to Kasey's website to discover more! She's super fun and supe real.