Gorgeous Night-Out Essentials

Whether your plans involve bar-hopping with friends or grabbing dinner with your partner, half the fun of going out is getting glammed up beforehand. Similarly, after hours of dancing, sweating, eating, and drinking, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as washing all your makeup down the drain, slathering on your skincare, and crawling into bed.

While the fun people and places are probably what you’ll remember most about nights like these, we think the special rituals before and after deserve some celebrating, too. These beauty essentials are all you need to get that pampered feeling—and a serious confidence boost.

Moonlit Skincare and Clove + Hallow giveaway

A killer lip color.
This CLOVE + HALLOW Lip Velvet shade is called Fiesta for a reason: when you’re wearing this bold, orange-toned red hue, it signals to everyone around you it’s time to STOP! ...And party. Best of all, its precision applicator makes it easy to quickly and dramatically apply during a glam session. Just outline your lips with the pointed side and fill in with the flat side. Zero touch-ups necessary, all night long. (For real.)

A non-irritating makeup remover.
Fast forward a few hours—or several, we’re not judging—and you’re back home, ready to catch some Zzzs.. But before you do, massage a dime-sized dollop of CLOVE + HALLOW Makeup Melt into dry skin to instantly dissolve every last trace of makeup, thanks to natural ingredients like coconut oil and sweet almond oil. (We don’t have to tell you how good it feels to take off your makeup after a long night, but this stuff makes it extra soothing.) After a quick rinse, it’s time to hit the sheets.

A one-and-done facial oil.
You’re basically already in dreamland. This is not the time for a five-step skincare routine! Thankfully, Moonlit's Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil takes care of all your complexion’s needs in just a few drops. Jojoba and sunflower oils moisturize, plump, and soften, ginseng and papaya give your skin cell turnover a boost, and grapeseed oil firms. Plus, the lavender scent is basically sheep-counting, bottled. Give yourself a mini facial massage in bed to take down any puffiness from the night’s activities.

An overnight lip balm.
Eating, drinking, talking, and kissing can take a serious toll on your lips, especially if the weather’s on the chilly side. Dab on the deeply nourishing Sweet Dreams Overnight Lip Balm—loaded with avocado oil, vitamin E, and sunflower oil, plus a delicious citrus scent—right before you’re whisked off to sleep to reverse any damage… and get your pout ready for tomorrow night’s lip color. Round two, anyone?