4 Steps to a Successful Digital Detox Weekend

4 Steps to a Successful Digital Detox
In today’s fast-paced, high-tech world, your phone can prove to be more distracting than helpful. Sometimes you just need to peel yourself away from the digital screens that have become a near-constant presence and take some time away for a digital detox. Check out some of the tips below to help you unplug, unwind, and recharge.
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Step 1: Timing + Prep
Digital detoxes are easier on a free weekend since we usually don't have to be on call for work. Or try it during a vacation (leave your phone in your hotel room while you explore!) It's fun to take analog photos so pick up a disposable camera before you leave for your trip to create memories in an old-school cool way.
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Plan ahead accordingly. Print out and research any info before the weekend. For example, going to a museum or park to decompress? Make sure to print out directions ahead of time). Set aside your phone and laptop in a cupboard if you're going cold-turkey. Alternatively, leave your phone in the glove compartment in your car when you're out and about.
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Step 2: Disable notifications
One of the quickest ways to toggle your connectivity with the digital world is to unsubscribe notifications (bonus point for airplane mode!), which blocks incoming calls and messages. A constant influx of notifications is distracting, and you’ll feel a sense of relief when you get rid of the constant pull to check your phone. 
Guide to turning off iPhone notifications

Step 3: Stay busy

Keep yourself occupied by planning a museum trip, book a massage, snuggle up with a good book, attend to a show, a picnic in the park, hit the beach, breathe at yoga, participate in a cooking class, or taking a neighborhood stroll. It's a perfect time to dive into all the things you wanted to do. Whether it's working with your hands and getting crafty or connecting irl with a friend, enjoy a distraction-free weekend. You might find yourself unconsciously reaching for your phone at times!
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Step 4: Enjoy sleep!

We often reach for our phones at night but without the blue-light from screens, our brains can finally take an uninterrupted rest. Natural melatonin production is disturbed by cell phones so it's a great excuse to recharge properly. 

Pamper yourself, light a candle, and wind down with some relaxing aromatherapy before bed. Lavender has been scientifically proven to release tension and promote relaxation. 

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Waking up to alarming news also triggers our stress system so enjoy the experience of waking up without a phone. The time going to bed and waking up is for you!

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Give yourself time to think and a great way to really appreciate this time is to journal and write it all out. When's the last time you gave yourself a break? Good luck with your digital detox!