8 Easy Ways to Make Your Sleep Space More Inviting

Bed and bedside table with alarm clock and plant

1. Establish a routine: Plan a sleep routine and stick to it. If you need 8 hours, make it a priority. Your internal clock will need at least a week to adjust to it but the long-term benefits are extraordinary. FYI: If it takes you less than 10 minutes to fall asleep, you're sleep-deprived.

2. Choose the right kind of mattress: The best one supports your spine and allows you to sleep peacefully without causing any aches or pain in the morning. If you're waking up achy, your body is suffering throughout the entire night.

3. Pamper your olfactory nerves: Lavender is among the most soothing of scents that can calm your mind. It's in our best-selling Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil. We love gently massaging it onto our temples and wrists to further promote relaxation. 

4. Lower the temperature: Ever heard of winter hibernation? Cooler temperatures allow the body to naturally release sleep hormones, so you can fall asleep faster. 

5. A massage can soothe your nerves: Treat yourself and schedule a massage session (if it's in the evening, even better!). It can intercept the neuro-hormones that cause sleeplessness. 

6. Keep away from caffeine: Coffee and caffeinated beverages are a strict NO at least ten hours before your sleeping routine. However, a cup of chamomile tea can be helpful in the evening.

7. Switch off the TV: Most screens emit blue light and disrupt your melatonin production, which can make falling asleep very difficult. Luckily, this website offers a night-mode toggle so that browsing is easier on the eyes and brain. If avoiding the screens aren't an option at night, be sure to download f.lux (free!) to lessen the strain on your eyes.

8. Keep air-purifying plants in your bedroom: The Garden Mum plant is an air purifying champion (in fact, it is NASA-approved). Having this plant in your room can increase the oxygen levels, filter out toxins, and ultimately contribute to great skin!