6 Sustainable Swaps for the Bathroom

Our bathroom can be relaxing retreats; a place to go for self-care or to de-stress with a warm bath. However, these spaces are typically a major contributor to environmental waste. But, with these 6 sustainability swaps in the bathroom, we can be more intentional in incorporating sustainable practices to create a more eco-friendly space.

Sustainability Swap #1: Swap the plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush

Plastic never really breaks down and is difficult to recycle correctly, often ending up in oceans or polluting underground water sources. To avoid contributing to plastic usage, switch to a bamboo toothbrush. 

The handle of bamboo toothbrushes is biodegradable and does not require harsh chemicals to be produced.

Toothbrushes are recommended to be switched out every three months, and rather than switching out disposable plastic toothbrushes, swap to a bamboo toothbrush. This will eliminate any harm to the environment, while creating a more eco-friendly and aesthetic bathroom setting.

Bamboo toothbrush in a glass jar on a white counter

Picture via RICA

Sustainability Swap #2: Swap shampoo and conditioner bottles for shampoo and conditioner bars

Shampoo and conditioner bottles are large contributors to plastic use in the bathroom. However, shampoo and conditioner bars are a great plastic-free alternative that are eco-conscious and just as effective for shiny, silky hair. There are many options for bars that target different hair concerns such as dry scalp or waxy residue.

Regardless of your hair type, shampoo and conditioner bars are effective, sustainable, and easy to travel with!

Stack of shampoo and conditioner bars with a tan background

Picture via by Humankind

Sustainability Swap #3: Swap disposable razors for reusable razors

Did you know the U.S. throws away seven billion disposable razors yearly?

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way if we all switched to reusable razors. Disposable razors easily become dull after three to ten uses, which are then disposed of afterwards. Although these are great for traveling, the carbon footprint can add up.

Therefore, it is ideal to use a reusable razor that only requires a replacement of the blade after it has become dull. A refillable handle is better for the environment because you are reusing the handle multiple times instead of contributing to plastic waste.

Hand holding a razor over a pink cylinder

Picture via Eco Roots


Sustainability Swap #4: Swap cotton rounds with reusable cotton rounds 

Rather than purchasing cotton rounds every couple of months, using reusable cotton rounds can be cost effective and less wasteful. 

The Moonlit Skincare reusable bamboo cotton rounds are a great eco-friendly alternative that doesn’t compromise on quality. It also comes with a mesh washing bag that can be tossed in the washing machine for an effortless clean!

four cotton rounds spread out with a mesh bag

Reusable Bamboo Cotton Rounds (10 rounds + washable mesh bag)


Sustainability Swap #5: Swap deodorant for biodegradable deodorant 

Most conventional deodorants use plastic packaging that can be difficult to dispose of correctly. Aerosol sprays have multiple parts such as the aluminum can and nozzle that make it even more difficult to recycle properly.

However, natural deodorants that are biodegradable or made from a cardboard tube can create zero waste. With no plastic and compostable parts, using biodegradable deodorant is the way to go.

five compostable deodorants lined up asymetrically

Picture via Bai-Li

Sustainability Swap #6: Swap liquid soap for bar soap

Liquid soap needs five times more energy to produce and requires twenty times more packaging. Bar soaps use less plastic for their packaging making it a more sustainable option. Not only that, but bar soaps contain fewer chemicals and are more effective in washing all the bacteria off of your hands. 

We recommend using Moonlit Skincare’s Serene Clean Soap bar for the hands and body for a nice, gentle cleanse. Made with nourishing ingredients, this bar soap is moisturizing and relaxing with scents of chamomile and eucalyptus. 

soap sitting on top of abstract objects with a curtain in the background