5 Things to Help You (And Your Skin) Kill It This School Year

The stress of the new school year can often wreak havoc on your skin. The late nights along with the stressful classes and copious amounts of caffeine during college don’t do your skin any favors. But, taking just a few extra steps in your day now can completely transform your skin’s future

Here are a few products to help you (and your skin) kill it this school year. 

   1. Reusable Water Bottle 

man holding blue water bottle filled with ice

Getting a reusable water bottle is a game-changer for health-conscious students. When you’re dashing from class, to work, and then back to class again, it’s difficult to find the time to give your skin a little TLC, but hydration is a simple step that can work wonders for your skin.

While not an all-encompassing cure to your skincare woes, increasing your water intake can help improve your complexion and prevent dry, flaky skin. A reusable water bottle helps remind you to stay hydrated AND reduce your daily plastic waste, helping your skin and the planet. 

🌙 Moonlit Tip: Fill up your water bottle before you go to bed and put it by your nightstand so you have easy access when you wake up. 

2. Sunscreen

sunscreen bottle sun bum surrounded by bananas  

It’s important to wear sunscreen throughout your entire life, but it’s especially important when you’re running around on campus with the sun beating down on you the entire day. Sun damage may cause cosmetic changes like wrinkles and spots but can also have incredibly harmful consequences like skin cancer later on in life.

When it comes to sun damage, prevention is the best treatment. Pick out a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect yourself from both UVA and UVB rays. Dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreens with an SPF above thirty to combat the most damaging effects of the sun’s rays on your skin.

While it might seem like just one extra step in your morning skincare routine, being vigilant about sun protection will your skin years down the line and is a great habit to start while you’re in school. 

    3. Bamboo towels 

gray bamboo bath towel set on white bathroom counter

Using a rough, cotton towel across our face every day after cleansing has long-term consequences for the appearance of our skin. The abrasive terrycloth material of most conventional towels can strip away our essential oils, drying out our skin and the repeated dragging motion across our face can cause premature sagging and wrinkles.

Not to mention, conventional washcloths are often made of cotton and can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and odors (eek!). Replacing your conventional towel with a bamboo towel can help with some of these consequences. Bamboo towels are resistant to bacteria and help keep odor at bay. The soft, breathable material is also gentler on the delicate skin around your face and can prevent sagging. 

🌙 Moonlit Tip: Don’t wipe your face with a towel. Pat your skin dry, instead, to prevent premature aging.

4. Silk Pillowcase

girl in silk pajamas sitting in bed holding silk pillow on top of her head

Help your skin repair itself overnight with a silk pillowcase. The typical cotton pillowcases found in standard sheet sets are highly absorbent and your product ends up soaking into your pillowcase instead of your skin.

Silk pillowcases are non-absorbent, helping your product stay on your skin where it belongs. Silk pillowcases also don’t crease your skin (sleep lines, anyone?) the same way cotton ones do which can help minimize wrinkles.

Silk can help you achieve healthier hair, too. Mulberry silk doesn’t cause tears and breakage in your hair like conventional pillowcases do and can help alleviate frizzy, dry hair. Repair your skin and your hair by investing in a new silk pillowcase this school year.  

5. Eyemask 

girl smiling and wearing silk blackout eyemask holding up peace sign

Especially when moving in with roommates, an eye mask can be a lifesaver. Eye masks make it easier to fall asleep by blocking out residual light which increases melatonin production. A sleep mask can also protect the delicate skin around your eye area from creasing, preventing premature wrinkles. We recommend a silk eye mask for added comfort. Silk is buttery soft and non-absorbent so it won’t absorb your expensive eye cream while you sleep. 

Although it can be tough to find the time to give your skin the attention it deserves during the school year, the steps we take when we’re young can make a world’s difference in the future. With skincare, prevention is the best treatment and it takes just a few extra steps now to help set yourself up for clearer, brighter skin later.