5 Sustainable Swaps for your Beauty Routine

Sustainable Beauty has been on the forefront of the beauty industry. From brands being more conscious about recyclable and reusable packaging to being transparent about manufacturing practices and sourcing ingredients. 

We have all thought about how we can incorporate more sustainable practices into our beauty routine. While it might seem daunting at first, with tiny steps we can all achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainable Swap #1: Swapping cotton rounds for reusable cotton rounds

The next time you notice you’re running out of the cotton rounds that you bought in bulk at Costco a couple of months ago, switch it out with reusable cotton rounds! 

The Moonlit Skincare reusable cotton rounds also come with a super cute mesh washing bag that makes washing day effortless.

Moonlit Skincare reusable cotton rounds

Sustainable Swap #2: Swapping liquid soap for bar soap

Did you know liquid soap has 10x the carbon footprint of bar soap? 

This takes into account manufacturing and the packing of liquid soaps. Not only does liquid soap have a higher carbon footprint, but it’s also more inefficient as it uses more product to clean versus using bar soap. There are many bar soaps made specifically for shampoos, body washes, and other uses. We would recommend the Serene Clean bar soap made for your hands and body, and for shampoo bar’s check out Lush! They also sell cute containers made for the shower. 

Moonlit Skincare Serene Clean Bar Soap

Serene Clean Soap

Sustainable Swap #3: Swapping products with plastic packaging for recyclable glass or aluminum packaging

Whenever I buy a product with glass packaging it always feels more luxurious in my opinion. In addition to feeling sturdier, most glass packaging are 100% recyclable. According to ABA packaging, “glass packaging can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality and purity [and it’s] reported that 80% of the glass that is recovered is made into new glass products.” In addition to recycling used glass packaging you can also reuse them into succulent pots or use them to store something else.


Sweet Dreams Balm Glass Packaging

Sweet Dreams Overnight Lip Balm

Sustainable Swap #4: Swapping plastic makeup brushes for bamboo makeup brushes

Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials due to its minimal water consumption and lack of chemicals needed during the growing process. Another amazing characteristic about bamboo is that it is 100% biodegradable. Many bases of makeup brushes are made of plastic and end up in landfills. EcoTools is a great brand for bamboo makeup brushes that can be found at stores like Target.

eco tools bamboo brushes

Picture @blackbb.beauty

Sustainable Swap #5: Swapping single use sheet masks for face masks

While the convenience of single use sheet masks have sweeped the beauty industry after the introduction of K-beauty, the effects of sheet masks are detrimental to the environment. From the foil and plastic packaging to the chemicals in the sheet mask that contaminate waste-water treatment plants, this Elle article calls it “literal trash.” I am guilty of enjoying sheet masks, but the Power Down Powder 2 in 1 Mask is a great alternative for all face mask lovers.

Power Down Powder Mask

Power Down Powder 2 in 1 Mask

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