5 New Ways to Use Your Facial Oil 💜

Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil bottle against a leaf

Our best-selling Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil was formulated to help you multitask by delivering nourishment to your skin while you sleep. But did you know that the contents of this mighty little bottle are also multipurpose? We’ve compiled five alternate uses of Midnight Shift that you can easily incorporate into your everyday routine! 💖

Pouring a drop of oil onto palm

Christin Hume

💆 Pressure point massage 💆

Be your own personal masseuse with a simple 5-minute massage! Massages are a great form of self-care as they help you dedicate time to yourself, unwind and relieve stress at any time of the day. Try pressure point massages, which are a great natural way to help release and relieve pain by identifying trigger points for pain.

Start by warming up 4-5 drops of Midnight Shift in your palms. Use this to massage your wrist area with your thumbs, before moving between your fingers. Find the spot where your thumb bone meets your index finger bone and apply pressure slightly above this juncture; this pressure point encourages tranquility. It also relieves pain for headaches.

For insomnia, worry or anxiety relief, apply pressure at the point where your hand and wrist form a crease, following the line of your pinky. This pressure point helps to treat emotional issues. After this, move to the area behind your ears and massage with your index fingers in a circular motion. Repeat this motion for your temples. Finally, cup your palms over your nose and mouth and inhale deeply three times. This helps you take in the lavender scent of Midnight Shift which aids in relaxation. ✨

Woman relaxing and soaking in bath tub

Bruce Mars

🛀 Bath water addition 🛀

Nothing speaks relaxation like a nice, warm soak in the bathtub. If you have a bathtub at home, try adding oils to your bathwater!

This is a great alternative to bath bombs which can be pricey in the long run. Although bath bombs are pretty and Instagram-worthy, many contain unnecessary additives such as coloring, fragrances and glitter which can potentially irritate sensitive skin. To enjoy a relaxing bath without breaking the bank, try adding Midnight Shift to your bath water. It is best added after the bath is filled and water stream turned off. 🛁 Do not add it when running hot water to prevent evaporation. As oils are more volatile and evaporate at lower temperatures than water, they may just escape into the air when added into water that is too hot. 

Urban Outfitters Serene House Starlight Essential Oil Diffuser


💨 Diffuser fragrance 💨

If you haven’t yet jumped on the diffuser bandwagon, here’s why you should!: diffusers help you reap the benefits of essential oils as they are used to disperse them throughout the air. The benefits vary depending on the oils used, but some of the most common are improving immunity, mood, cognitive function, and sleep.

💤 Certain scents also help you breathe easier by clearing up airways. Try adding several drops of Midnight Shift to your diffuser to promote relaxation! The lavender scent helps to calm the mind for a restful night. 😴

Pouring oil into sugar for DIY face and body scrub


✨ DIY brow groomer and exfoliators 

Save a little $$$ by DIY-ing some of your beauty routine! Skip the brow gel and tame those unruly brows with some Midnight Shift. Simply comb through your brows in the desired direction then dab some Midnight Shift on with a finger to tame them into place. Enjoy shiny, soft brows without the crunch and stiffness of brow gels! 

Besides brows, you can also save on lip care! Skip the pricey exfoliators and make your own lip scrubs instead. 💋 Simply mix some Midnight Shift with either sugar or salt to your desired consistency. As you can make however much or little you need at the moment, there’s no need to fork out extra money for an expensive scrub you might not be able to finish before it expires. Enjoy smooth, kissable lips with this easy hack. 💄

Find store-bought facial scrubs too rough and harsh on your skin? Make your own facial and body scrubs at home! This allows you to adjust the consistency of the mixture by using either coarse, fine, or even a mixture of both granules (sugar, brown sugar, sea salt) according to your skin condition and sensitivity. Do keep in mind that sugar is less abrasive than salt as it dissolves more easily. Simply mix your exfoliant of choice with some oil (we recommend coconut oil or olive oil) and add several drops of Midnight Shift to enjoy some added skincare benefits!

woman in front of mirror in silk pajamas applying facial oil


💚 For the maximizers 💚

Hate seeing things (for example, the Midnight Shift left on your fingers after your skincare routine) go to waste? Us too! Make the most of what’s left by rubbing whatever is left on your hands on your cuticles or any calluses. The moisturizing properties of Midnight Shift will help to soften these rough spots. Alternatively, use the remaining oil to mend split ends and tame any hair flyaways. Smooth down any baby hairs with your fingertips for a more polished and sleek look. You can also combat split ends by combing through the ends of your hair to nourish the tips where it is harder for nutrients to reach.

P/S: Once you’ve gone through your Midnight Shift, the bottle makes for a beautiful ornament! Use it to house a fresh flower for an easy touch to brighten up your living space. 🌼