5 Beauty Trends You Need to Know for 2021

From the beginning of the pandemic, baking has become a coping mechanism cue the banana bread. Somehow the months seemed to fly by and feel dreadfully long at the same time. For many, it was a much-needed break from always being on the go. A time to slow down, reflect, and learn new things about ourselves and society. Many people, myself included, took refuge on Tik Tok and managed to discover the many “sides” of it. All of these events have led to the rise of the following beauty trends. 

Trend 1: De-stressing Skincare

It is an understatement to say that stress from 2020 has followed its way to 2021. From trying to balance working from home to taking in what we see on the news, de-stressing skincare has made its way to the spotlight. De-stressing skincare can be anything from doing a face mask before bed, using a crystal facial roller on your face, or going to bed earlier. Any practice that makes your skin feel better while helping you feel more relaxed during these stressful times can be categorized into de-stressing skincare. Here’s a how-to guide on using a Rose Quartz Rollers for Skin Rejuvenation and Self-Care

Sunset with shower on the beach
Image via @emelinaah

Trend 2: Skinimalism

Skin + minimalism = skinimalism. After understanding what essential truly means in our daily life, this has translated into our skincare cabinets. The concept of only using essential products for your skin is a big transition from the popular 10 step routine. Reading and understanding ingredient lists have helped us streamline what products we decide to put on our skin. Skinimalism is all about embracing and loving our skin no matter the condition and using products to help achieve naturally glowing skin, self-love, and acceptance.   

Close up shot of glow skin
Image via Haley Stark

Trend 3: Sustainable Skincare 

Being mindful about the planet and protecting our environment is now becoming increasingly important to a growing number of consumers. Many consumers are shifting to buying products that have sustainable packaging and are made with ethical practices. Moonlit is proud to say that we work with small labs in Bali to help support single mothers. Some sustainable swaps you can do include reusing containers as succulent pots to switching out plastic body wash containers for bar soap with minimal packaging. Check out our Clean Up Your Beauty Routine blog post to help kick start your journey to sustainable skincare. 

Serene Clean Soap Product Picture
Image via Moonlit Skincare

Trend 4: Indie Beauty

What is Indie Beauty? Think of current beauty looks to our very own Moonlit Skincare brand. Indie beauty refers to independently owned and operated brands that go against corporate and traditional norms. Indie beauty brands are authentic and strive to create a personal relationship with each customer. While in quarantine, indie brands and indie beauty trends have dominated the social media scene from Instagram to Tik Tok (follow our Tik Tok @moonlitskincare). The 2021 Pinterest trend report shows that cheeky, bright, and bold styles will continue to dominate social media this year. 

Bright makeup look with colorful hair accessories and earings
Image via @sourandnasty

Trend 5: Ritual Baths 

The last trend we have included is ritual baths. Staying at home has included mandatory self-care to help separate work from home. Light some candles, use some bath salts, and read a book to help unwind after a long day of Zoom calls. A good alternative if you don’t have a bathtub would be to add some hanging eucalyptus in your shower to elevate your experience. 

Bath with candles and plants
Image via @cremedenuage

While we are already one month into 2021, let’s keep hope that this will be our year of prioritizing self-care and nourishing our body with sleep.